Programma zondag 8 april met Astrid Schillings

Focusing with the Whole Body (FWB) (voor deze workshop is nu een wachtlijst)

10 tot 16.30, inloop met koffie en thee vanaf 9.30.

Whole Body Focusing is a natural process that invites the power of consciousness to awaken the inner wisdom of the living body, a knowing that is at the heart of every one of us. At this Kinderfocus Symposium 2018 we invited Astrid Schillings to share her wisdom and experience about FWB.

Astrid will let us experience how working with organismic self-regulation and embodiment expand your aliveness, creativity, and wellbeing in your work with children and in your own life… every day!

During this sunday-special your focusing qualities will be deepened by actually exploring and practicing some FWB-basic skills and attitudes, that develop and sustain organismic self-regulation and embodiment in ourselves and the children we work and live with. We will investigate how this unfolds grounded self confidence and self care as the basis of

  • accepting vs imposed authority
  • connecting us to the source of playfulness and curiosity
  • preventing burn out
  • releasing shock and trauma

There will be an Introduction to FWB in the Saturday workshop on 7th of april

Please wear comfortable clothing.

The number of participants is limited.

Astrid Schillings: Focusing came into her life in 1981, when studying Psychology. It resonated deeply with her wondering what it is to be human. In that spirit she became a Psychotherapist/ Psychologist. She has been teaching on the interface of Sensitive Body-Awareness (Mindfulness, Somatic Experiencing, Qi Gong, Authentic Movement, Feldenkrais). It took her years to let her entry into Focusing-With-Whole Body carry forward beyond any traditional setting. Encountering Kevin McEvenue her previous understandings shifted again. She teaches professionals, therapists and everybody interested and was in ongoing conversation with Gene Gendlin on his extended understanding of the living body.